Specific Commercial Code and Exchange Law

About Sales

  • Selling price: As displayed on the website※1 ※2.
  • Sales volume: 1 Piece (Source Code)
  • Cancellation / Returns: Due to the digital nature of the product, cancellation or returns cannot be accepted.※3
  • Product delivery : After the payment is complete, you can receive the goods by downloading from the site.
  • Payment: Payment options are either PayPal Account or credit/debit card.
  • Payment deadline: credit / debit card due date
  • Service availability:For some reason, if the system is down , service may not be available.
  • ※1 Prices are subject to change.
    ※2 The prices include the 8% VAT.
    ※3 Please contact us at the above e-mail address in case of any issues.
    ※4 In such a case, we might require time to recover the system.


    The PieceX assigns below mentioned rights to all sold items/source codes.

    • 1) Products purchased with PieceX can be used commercially. However, reselling / distributing the purchased items without modifications is not permitted.
    • 2) Items purchased with PieceX can be resold / distributed after modification.
    • 3) Software that has been incorporated after modification of Items purchased with PieceX or software that has been incorporated without modification can be resold / distributed.