Retro Royale – Ready-To-Use ⁸Battle Royale Project


Retro Royale is a Unity based half done Battle Royale project which is ready-to-develop multiplayer game with pixelated and top-down combo. The new breed of battle royal game which never exist in any store before and you cannot image the map size of this game. You will be FORTUNATE if you buy this project and make it to the stores like Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.


Tools Used : Complete Unity Project with C#

This game was originally built with Tilemap Editor and Unity previously and later its converted to Unity itself. To run this project, you all need is Unity alone. 


Huge Map

This game comes with a big 28 sectioned (4K size per unit) Top-Down 2D world. You will be so amazed to see diverse locations inside the map includes township, villages, factory, dry areas and villages inside this beautiful crafter world. We are thrilled to say again it’s a very huge map you can’t even imagine and it will take so much to complete the one full visit of this map. 

Reason to Sell

My IntelHD4000 Laptop doesn’t sufficient and no sufficient funding


Will be an Asset too

If you are not good at re-coding and re-designing, you can use this game as an assets for your imagined game.

For Testing

Please use this demo build for testing yourself. 

Demo Build (Windows)



A. Big map full of Vegetations, Buildings, Houses, Vehicles, Street Elements, Lakes, Rivers and much more

B. Completed sample destruction, walk, bullet, fire, weapon selection and UI codings. All you need is to decorate the game

C. Sample UI is fully functional and again design you own UI

D. Treasure box is randomly placed during game starts and its fully functional


Design Completion

1. Huge Top-Down World Map – With City, Town, Dry. Industrial and Village areas

2. Map is filled with Buildings, Houses, Vegetations, Trees, Street Elements, Vehicles, Lakes, Bridges, Factories, Roads and much more

3. Map has 28 Sets and each set is build at min 4K resolution, so its a huge map never seen before in top-down world.

4. Completed composition for 4/28 Set (You can even start with uncompisted assets for your imagination)

5. Project initiated from RPG Maker Assets, then moved to Tilemap Editor and completely transformed to Unity. So you all need is only Unity.


Coding Completion

1. One sample character movement in 8 Sides

2. One Weapon shoots Bullet at all 8 directions

3. Complete treasure box coding with auto randomisation treason box location and items, auto assign treasure box items when player touches and even player manually swap weapons between player bag and treasure box.

4. Complete coding for player bag, player weapon list, health bar and current weapon and bullet count in in-display UI

5. More than 80% of all street elements are destructible coding (Excluding houses and buildings)


Pending Works

1. Your design changes 

2. Dynamics

3. Characters, Weapons and its animations for multiplayers

4. Multiplayer Network Coding (We tested here with 20 players, working very fine)

5. API and Porting.

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