EduForm - Learning Platform Template - JavaScript Single Page

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04 Jun,2019

This is a web template for a functioning educational learning platform. It is written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. There is no sql database. All data is saved inside javascript and polled from there.

The entire page is a single page application, all data is exchanged and polled dynamically.

The page features as many courses. Courses have a title, description, image. Every course has a number of slides. Every slide has a title and can have arbitrary html code for its content. Every page can also include a quiz, which has to be answered correctly in order to progress to the next slide.

Other features include:

  • History
  • HTML5 storage saving and loading
  • Search function
  • Filter course lists
  • Progress per course is saved
  • Quizzes

This template is inspired by popular learning and knowledge platforms.
How to Use:
Read guide PDF for documentation.

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| Oct 30, 2019 | Price : $

The easiest deployment ever! Since there is no mess with the database installation, it was as quick as setting it up in Apache. I changed the styles to look more like my root website, it was quite easy. Everything you need is there. Def giving it a 5