This Library System is a software-based system that is made of VB.Net, MySQL database and Bunifu Framework that helps the design more elegant for the user-interface. The main goal of this system is to increase your library's efficiency and save a lot of time for both librarians and users. The functions are very user-friendly that whenever the user uses this system, it helps the user find resources for reading, learning, and teaching with ease. This can be a big help for Librarians in keeping track of the books and their checkouts. Information's are well kept in the database such as Category of books and returning of books that have been borrowed with their due dates. This also provides Reports so you can view the List of Books, those who have borrowed the books, returned the books and the List of Overdues depending on the transaction date.


  • Manage Books
  • Manage Borrowers
  • Manage Borrowed Books
  • Manage Returned Books
  • Manage Overdue Books
  • Manage Category of books
  • Manage Users
  • Borrow Books
  • Return Books
  • Add Borrowers
  • Delete Borrowers
  • Update Book details
  • Update Borrower Details
  • Add/Remover users
  • Generate Reports for administration1. List of Books 2. Inventory of Books 3. List of Borrowed 4. List of Returned 5. List of Overdue 5. Inclusive Dates

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