Restaurant Food Delivery Ordering System With Delivery Boy


This Food Ordering Clone Script is the first of its kind Clone in the world and is ideal for any on-demand delivery business or food delivery apps like UberEats/Postmate/seamless or for even online food ordering websites

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Application features :

  • Register/Login with Facebook

  • Register Login with Google

  • Register/Login with Email

  • Phone No Verification (Twilio)

  • Forgot Password

  • Show Nearby Restaurants

  • Featured Restaurants – Featured/promoted Restaurants will come first in the list

  • Search Restaurants

  • Filter Restaurant based on Specialty

  • Restaurant Profile includes
    • Restaurant Name

    • Restaurant Slogan

    • Restaurant Description

    • Restaurant Image

    • Restaurant food delivery price based on user’ location

    • Restaurant Cooking time

    • Restaurant Delivery Time

    • Restaurant Ratings

    • Restaurant Menu with prices

    • Restaurant Deals

    • Opening and Closing Time

  • Set Favorite Restaurant

  • Payment
    • Cash On delivery

    • Debit/Credit Card (Stripe)

  • Checkout Feature
    • Add to cart

    • Select or add new delivery address

    • Choose Payment Method

    • Delivery / Pickup

    • Promo code

    • Discount

    • Tax

    • Rider tip

    • Free delivery if order met the desired price

  • Order History

  • Track Order

  • Email
    • When user registers

    • New order

  • Push Notifications with firebase

  • Order Detail and status
    • Order is in processing

    • Order has been accepted and Restaurant is processing it

    • Rider is on the way to restaurant for pickup

    • Rider has picked up the food

    • Rider is on the way to customer

    • Rider has delivered the food

Rider App Features:Rider can check the button on to start his shiftCan see current or pending jobsCheck order details and user and restaurant addressCan do realtime chat with the support agentRider Profile
  • Weekly Earnings

  • Schedule

  • Change Password

  • Set Availability

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